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“Your device wasn’t just made in a factory. It was made by me.”

Meet Wenqiao. Now 27 years old, she’s one of nearly 40,000 workers at a factory just 30 miles north of Hong Kong. Many of the workers are from rural communities in China that are often a two or three-day train ride away. They come seeking opportunity. And like Wenqiao, they take pride in what they do.

The factory she works in at Flex represents one of 500 suppliers on five continents delivering technology and hardware that goes into Google devices. It’s a clean, modern facility powered by rooftop solar panels.

践行伟创力对客户的承诺,可持续的供应链至关重要。当然,技术和先进设施是该供应链的重要一环。但在伟创力,我们相信与我们一起共事的人同样重要。That’s why we’re thrilled to be recognized as a valued partner in Google’s responsible supply chain initiative. 

When people are treated fairly – trained well, given opportunities for personal and professional growth, offered a fair wage and a safe work environment – they take pride in their work. They perform to the best of their abilities. And they produce higher quality products. Wenqiao is a perfect example of why people are the key to building a sustainable supply chain. 

Global Capabilities Mean Global Responsibilities

We operate dozens of facilities around the world that design, build and deliver Sketch-to-Scale® solutions for innovative companies. In all facets of our business, we deliver the expertise and velocity necessary to remain competitive within the demands of modern operations. Our partners count on us to help them achieve cost efficiencies, accelerate time to market and improve customer experiences.

To bring superior services to our partners, a sustainable supply chain isn’t a “nice to have” — it’s mandatory. And as Wenqiao’s story demonstrates, that means making a significant investment in all of our people. We foster their personal as well as professional growth. This includes a commitment to providing lifelong learning and dynamic work assignments that accelerate individual advancement and support customer success.

Partners who entrust Flex to help them deliver forward-thinking products and services are assured that we’re also leaders in how people are treated, trained and appreciated. We believe it’s more than simply the right thing to do. It’s the proper way to conduct business. Ultimately, everyone wins.

Innovations and Solutions Powered by People

Coming from a rural community, Wenqiao was seeking a chance to earn a fair wage and make the most of her potential. At Flex, she has received training and gained skills that have allowed her to grow. “At first, I doubted myself and whether I could become a leader. But I became more confident after I learned from others,” she said. Wenqiao now leads a 20-person team and is on the way to even further advancement. Ultimately, Wenqiao’s goal is to bring the rest of her family to southern China. Flex is helping her achieve this ambition.

Her story resonated with all of us at Flex. Behind every one of our products are the people who make them. And by providing quality control training and optimal working conditions, we’re able to develop and retain our people in a competitive labor market. 

There is also a sense of pride that extends right onto the factory floor. Just ask Wenqiao. “For our products, I want to know: Are you satisfied when you use them? Do they give you a lot of joy and happiness in your life? How can we do better?” she wonders.

When you work with Flex, you can count on our dedication to continuous improvement — in the services we provide as well as the lives of our people. After all, like the Google devices made in Wenqiao’s factory, we are all connected.