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Team member experiences at Flex

I am proud to be part of a global team with motivated and determined colleagues. Together we face the daily challenges and opportunities in the automotive industry.

Daniela Behrens, Business Development Manager, Flex Germany

Flex offers an environment that allows everyone to develop and discover their true potential, which is supported by great mentoring and coaching programs like “Strong Her,” to successfully master these skills.

In the end, it is up to each individual to take advantage of these numerous opportunities which are abundant at Flex.

— Daniela Behrens, Business Development Manager

I joined Flex in 2005, and as a working mother, I really like the flexibility of being able to do a variety of tasks and the different learning opportunities that are offered.

Flex cares about helping its employees develop and grow professionally. And I also love the work environment which encourages positive relationship between colleagues, be they locally or globally.

Dalia Bernstein, Executive Assistant, Flex Germany

— Dalia Bernstein,
Executive Assistant

Working at Flex has changed the way I consider the workplace. Because Flex focuses on the development of every individual regardless of background, so that being a woman is seen as an asset to drive diversity in the company.

Because of the company culture, I discovered qualities in myself that were hidden until now and is supported by a strong work-life balance. This means that as a woman, no matter what career you are in, there is no limit to be what you want to be. This really motivates me.

Jacquie Tetchi, Quality & Lead Engineer, Flex Germany

— Jacquie Tetchi,
Quality & Lead Engineer