Determine the Most Effective New Product Introduction Strategy

When you’re bringing a new product to market, Sketch-to-Scale® solutions can help you identify opportunities and unexpected challenges.

Disrupt the competition

Flex provides a comprehensive set of services that enable companies, from startups to multinationals, successfully innovate, create, and gain access to new markets. We offer extensive knowledge of industries and the disruptive technology within businesses that can help you pilot your product and achieve the visibility you need to be competitive.

Key capabilities in New Product Introduction include:

  • Manufacturing process development
  • Manufacturing test development
  • Rapid product introduction services for first-generation consumer products at initial low volumes
Introduce your new product to market with Flex
Flex's global product introduction centers have the expertise you need to launch your new product

Product Introduction Center

Our global vision, leading-edge equipment and processes, and our facilities that specialize in lean manufacturing and high-reliability help ensure that products can be built, launched, scaled and delivered to customers around the world—seamlessly.

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