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Our Hungary locations


1183 Budapest
Hangár utca 5-37
06 80/205-192

Design Center
1117 Budapest
Irinyi József street 4-20
Building A., 3rd floor


2360 Gyál,
Bem József street 32.
06 80/205-192


9600 Sárvár
Ikervári street 42.

9600 Sárvár
Ikervári street 25.
06 80/200-087


8660 Tab,
Munkás street 28.
06 80/201-052


Zala A
8900 Zalaegerszeg,
Zrínyi road 38.

Zala B
8900 Zalaegerszeg,
Posta street 63.
06 80/201-112

Women at Flex

For me, Flex is a place where I can gain experience in many different manufacturing processes and use state-of-the-art technologies. It offers me the opportunity to discover and apply the latest and most reliable developments to develop both my skills and career. Furthermore, as a working mother, Flex is supportive of work life balance, which is really important to me.

— Andrea Dézsi,
Senior Measuring Technology Engineer

I believe that at Flex you can always develop and find the opportunity to move forward in your career.

— Róbertné Aradi,
Quality Control Technician

For me, common goals and the strong cooperation within our team guarantee the success of our values such as, ‘We support each other as we strive to find a better way.’

— Ildikó György-Mild, Quality Manager

I’ve been with Flex for 20 years, during this time I’ve tried a number of areas. The experience I have gained here makes me confident in work and in other areas of life as well.

— Edit Balogh,
Supply Chain Manager

I chose Flex because it is a technologically innovative company with many different opportunities and a stable background, but actually it is more than that. Not only do they raise awareness of issues affecting women in business, but also support in building careers, organizing community, and professional activities.

— Gréta Váradi, Embedded Software Engineer