Transform the enterprise with leading-edge technology solutions

Due to the explosive growth of cloud-based solutions, a paradigm shift in the traditional enterprise is required to meet the high demand for cost-effective solutions for security, data storage and analytics.

Build architectures to support data and connected devices across the enterprise

We enable industry leaders and emerging start-ups to gain a competitive edge across a wide variety of new converged architectures, product platforms and solutions. Whether you are a software or hardware company, we offer a complete portfolio of reference product designs in collaboration with our technology partners optimized for your end-customer applications and market requirements. 


Supported by a global team of engineers, our reference products and solutions are currently deployed across multiple enterprise environments and include network firewalls, unified threat management, secure web gateways, object-based storage, predictive flash storage, video coding solutions and converged infrastructure platforms. 

Flex provides Sketch-to-Scale® solutions to enable industry leaders and emerging disruptors to design and build robust infrastructure.


All Flex product platforms are fully certified, tested and validated in accordance with all regulatory requirements. 




Stay ahead of the competition 

During global change and market disruption, you can accelerate new product launches, penetrate new markets and establish new business models with the right partner. We combine a broad range of market and technology expertise and reference platforms with a strategic global network to deliver node and rack level product solutions, highly customized, tested, validated and configured for local markets. And our global services organization provides a complete product lifecycle management solution including warranty, spares and in-field product replacement units, helping you build a competitive advantage that lasts beyond a single purchase.


Flex provides Sketch-to-Scale® solutions to enable industry leaders and emerging disruptors to design and build the robust infrastructure that is required to handle the explosion of data and predicted 50 billion connected devices by 2020.

Leading companies have collaborated with Flex to increase business agility and speed time to market with enterprise solutions.



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Flexible data centers for a connected world. Find out how you can partner with Flex to optimize your infrastructure and design the cloud solution that’s right for you.









Scaleable power modules from Digital to 5G. Flex Coldwatt™ products provide a complete on-board system solution for cloud, storage and server applications.