Improve Visibility, Velocity & Sustainability with our Supply Chain, Distribution and Logistics Solutions


We provide supply chain management, and distribution and logistics support for product design, development and fulfillment across a global network of retailers, suppliers and distribution partners. Our unique set of solutions and software span many industries and all geographies to help you compete in a connected world.

Navigating the modern supply chain demands operating with unprecedented connectivity and unparalleled velocity.
Achieve cost efficiencies, speed time to market and improve customer experiences with our supply chain management services and solutions. What’s more, get support through forward and reverse logistics to extend your reach to your customers.

Our scalable distribution and service network connects suppliers, distribution partners and retailers. Improve your visibility, reduce your waste and overhead, and enjoy a more stable, balanced supply chain, responsive to constantly changing market demands.

We work closely with you to provide end-to-end support including:

•    End-to-end supply chain management, modeling and simulation
•    Ease of regionalization with tax, tariff and trade consulting 
•    Cost and risk management with advanced sourcing and planning
•    Real-time, end-to-end visibility with active supply chain tracking
•    Fleet management, including direct order fulfillment and high-value asset tracking
•    Improved customer satisfaction with global spare parts management
•    Returns, repairs and recycling through reverse logistics


Learn why Teradata partnered with us to meet customer demand faster, make production processes more efficient, and deliver world-class data analytics solutions within tight deadlines.



伟创力供应链管理 - 高级仿真和分析工具


End-to-End Supply Chain Management, Modeling and Logistics Network Optimization

Design and optimize the physical, financial and information flows of your supply chain with our extensive knowledge of best-in-class supply chain networks spanning industries and products.


Determine the right number and location of suppliers, manufacturing sites, and logistics and distribution centers. The result is a supply network that provides the right balance of flexibility and cost efficiency, while also meeting the requirements of a dynamic market.


Take the guesswork out of implementing changes across your supply chain with our advanced simulation and analysis tool. This internally developed tool allows you to test the robustness of a proposed solution against key macroeconomic factors to aid executive-level decision-making.  




Tap into our visibility across industries and markets to proactively source the Intelligence of Things® - our evolving ecosystem of technologies.  Our procurement and sourcing decisions are informed by market intelligence, like price and lead time trends, that we derive from internal and external data sources. You get the right components and technologies from the right suppliers at the right time that optimize total solutions value – all while maintaining our high quality and delivery standards.  


供应链 - 在 Pulse 中心对您的供应链网络进行主动追踪



Successfully managing the modern supply chain demands real-time visibility across your sourcing, transportation, manufacturing and inventory. Digitize your global supply chain from end to end with Flex Pulse®, our leading-edge software-based visualization tool that identifies events that might impact supply chain efficiency. 


Identify your biggest risks and opportunities and quantify the impact of those changes on your supply chain with real-time data sourced from a variety of systems. The result is less friction in your global supply chain, leading to increased asset velocity.



How We Use Real-Time Data Analytics to Manage Complex Supply Chains

Dedicated Flex Pulse centers around the world are collaborative environments staffed by our supply chain experts to monitor and analyze the insights our proprietary visualization tool provides. Increase asset velocity and streamline cost with the Flex Pulse comprehensive supply chain view – integrating inbound transportation, demand, inventory monitoring, manufacturing, quality and delivery.




Global Tax, Tariff and Trade Consulting

Global trade dynamics and regionalization are rapidly increasing supply chain complexity and generating new opportunities.  Assess your supply chain with respect to potential changes in tax and trade policies with our expert support, identifying the biggest risks and opportunities and quantifying the impact of those changes on your supply chain.




Focus on your business and core competencies by outsourcing your spare parts logistics. We manage millions of parts around the world, serving billions in customer revenue; we know better than anyone that velocity is a key factor in service parts logistics. Always ensure you have the right parts in the right place at the right time with the help of our in-region centers to store and manage your global spare parts inventory. Parts on hand means faster service and repair, less downtime and that means more satisfied customers for you.


We’ll support the planning and procurement for your spare parts as well as manage dispatching them to wherever you need them to go – from OEMs, repair vendors or field service engineers.



Fleet Management and High-Value Asset Tracking

In a highly connected world, customer relationships extend beyond the point of purchase. You need a partner whose business extends beyond manufacturing.


Our comprehensive transportation network spans the globe to get your product where it needs to go, quickly and efficiently – whether that’s to retailers, distributors or directly to your end customer. Keep tabs on your shipment in real-time through our tracking and telematics solutions and get the insights you need to drive efficiency and cost savings into your fleet management and supply chain systems.



Offload the logistics of returned goods and recoup maximum value – we’ll receive them in any of our 30 dedicated centers, screen for faults and facilitate repair, source replacement parts as necessary, and redistribute to support the flow of goods back into the supply chain.


We offer extensive repair capabilities, including work at the whole unit, PCBA (printed circuit board) and component levels. Facilitate quick in-region turnaround to your customers thanks to standardized solutions across our repair and service sites worldwide. 


Our commitment to a smarter, more sustainable future is reflected throughout our global supply chain. We facilitate sustainable recycling in service of a circular economy.



Whether you are a global enterprise with multiple product lines or a start-up planning your first product launch, our configurable services can be tailored to meet your unique needs at scale.

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Optimize the financial structure of your supply chains with advanced tax and trade guidance.



We help you move your innovation with Sketch-to-Scale® solutions, so you can move the world.